logo and branding

Logo + Branding

Branding is not just a logo with matching colors picked out.  Branding is who you are and your why.  If your brand is the exact same as anyone else's, you're doing it wrong.  Pleasssee do not go buy a $5 logo off a website and call it good.  Rock your own vibe.  Think about your logo as your first impression.  It says everything about you without saying anything at all.  Your business and goals have a personality!  You just need someone to turn that personality into something visual and make it shine.  That person is me. 

web design

Website Design + Development

After you have a killer logo (read: first impression!).  Your website is the next place people will turn.  This is your time to embrace that personality and show people not only are you unique, you're functional too.  Your website is the first place people will go to learn about you, your services, how to contact you, and how awesome you are.  I create custom WordPress websites for small businesses like you.   Let's get the ball rolling and get you some more clients. 

graphic design

Graphic Design

This is a whole 'nother beast.  After you have an irresistible website, the work isn't done.  You'll need to come up with a marketing strategy and then will need business cards, flyers, images to post on social media, posters, a break for tacos, more social media posts, blog headers, I could really go on all day.  Whether you're starting from the beginning or need graphic design work that blends into your current brand, I can help.  I have experience in all of the above.  Especially tacos.

physical art

Physical Artwork

Every once in a while my creative energies come out in the form of actual artwork.  Watercolor prints.  Pallet signs.  Canvas abstracts.  Bead Chandeliers.  Wooden shelves.  Corn hole sets.  Side tables.  Basically, if it's on Pinterest I can make it.* 

*Except sewing.  I can only sew in straight lines.  Contrary to popular belief, the limit does exist. 


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