Jennifer and Penelope

Hi! I'm Jennifer and I'm a branding expert.

And now you're like, "wtf does that mean?"  Basically, I can make all those ideas swirling around in your head about your business into something that visually knocks your socks off.  Where your business is.  Where you want to go.  What your long term dream is.  I can give you something that draws your audience to you and shows people all those ideas in your head.  I can take you where you want to go. [insert A Whole New World lyrics here]

Basically, I make cool things happen.  Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me. 

INFJ. Dancer. Yogi. Reader. Adventurer. Baker.
What inspires me Truly good-hearted people and my bulldog, Penelope
My superpower Being able to take myself out of a situation and look on as an unbiased 3rd party
Quote to live by All you need in life is a wish bone, a funny bone, and a backbone
Guilty pleasure Tacos & Margaritas
Biggest pet peeve Having unread notifications on my phone
My spirit animal Flamingo
If I could be a mix of three people I'd be Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson, Emma Watson


Well.  What do you do when you spend 7 years in school getting a Master's degree in Engineering only to realize you're not passionate about engineering at all?  At first I ate a lot of tacos and drank a lot of margs.  After the initial shock was over, I quit my cushiony corporate job, took an 85% pay cut to work at a nonprofit, and did some soul searching.  And then I fell in love with my life and the person I had become.  I reignited my passion for creativity and design.  I learned I have a knack for inbound marketing, something my empathetic nature undoubtedly contributes to.  I realized I have an innate ability to feel when things just fit.  Call it a sixth sense.  Call it a super power.  I call it a branding expert.


My vision is to create the best freaking dynamic, beautiful brand you've ever seen in your entire life.  Let's draw out what makes you the best around.  Let's rock this ish.  


I promise to be fully dedicated to you when we work together.  I promise to help clarify the vision for your small business.  I promise to discover what makes you the best at what you do.  I promise to push you from your comfort zone to create the best brand possible.  I promise to turn your ideas into something visual that you have an instant connection with.  I promise to rock the vibe. PEACE!