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YAY!  These are my favorite and easiest posts to write.  I have SUCH an easier time bragging on other people, their knowledge, and the awesome things they’re doing versus myself.  And Karen is no exception.  Karen came to me earlier this year and said she was about to finish her PhD (and as of me writing this she is Dr. Kavanaugh!) and was going to start a company based on what she discovered during her research: Giving Factor.

Giving Factor uses a scientific backed method to analyze non-profit donor bases and report back to the non-profit the most efficient way to utilize their marketing budget.  As someone who has experience working at a non-profit, everyyyy dollar counts and they’re under such pressure to minimize spending as much as possible.  Karen figured out a way to group people that donate to non-profits based on behavioral characteristics and then can tell the non-profit the best way to reach them.  For example, is 90% of people that donate to a non-profit are over 65, Facebook is probably not the best way to get them to donate more.  But is 90% of people that donate to a non-profit are 25-35 years old, the chances are higher.

First, we worked on her logo, her brand board is located here.

giving factor logo

Then, we focused on her website for 4-5 weeks. My favorite part of her website is the animated header, which I had never made before and learned to do specifically for this site after she told me she loved it! The full website can be seen at

giving factor website

If you know any non-profits needing some help engaging their donors, call Karen!


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