Hi!  I know it’s been wayyy too long since I’ve given you an update.  I’ll try to be better- it’s been a busy first quarter of the year!  Now, you can get freebies all over the internet for choosing your brand values and how your company should have a brand.   Not to knock on that (cuz if you want one of those, mine is the best…shameless self promo…), but when I talk to my clients to begin their branding process, they don’t even know what business values are.  A lot of times, I get answers about what their business DOES– marketing, boutiques, social media.  But those aren’t your values, those are your services or products.

Values are the intangible things about your business.

Values are what you want people to FEEL when they work with you.  They’re what you want people to sense through your work.  They’re what you portray through your website, posts, and interactions without actually saying anything.  Values are what keep people continuing coming back to work with YOU! And that’s what we all want, am I right or am I right?!

Now, it definitely comes back to knowing your business and knowing your audience, but it also comes back to one other thing that is hugely underestimated…

The number one tip to remember when choosing your brand values is to say what you mean.

I know I sound like your mom throughout roughly your entire elementary school career, but it. is. so. true. Words that seem similar have slightly different connotations and meanings and THAT is what you want to pay attention to.  Using slightly different words will have a compounding effect on the way you present your business.

Do you want to be charming or adorable?  Adorable has a more youth-like connotation.

Do you want to be sassy or spunky?  Sassy has a more sharp tongue.

Do you want to be lively or vivacious? Vivacious is more pointed toward women than lively.

“So avoid using the word ‘very’ because it’s lazy.  A man is not very tired, he’s exhausted.  Don’t use very sad, use morose.  Language was invented for one reason, boys- to woo women- and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do.” – Robin Williams, Dead Poet Society

Pick ten words that you think could be a good representation of your business.  Look up their synonyms on google and make sure the word you chose has the EXACT meaning you want it to, or maybe a similar word would work better.  Narrow your list of words down to three and use those to base your business voice, design, social media, and website around.  Click on the image below for a printable of 249 values to help you get started!

brand values



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