Boss Lady Dreams logo mock up

Y’all Stephanie is a DREAM to work with.

Stephanie runs Bosslady Dreams which helps female entrepreneurs learn how to strategically scale their business ideas.

Basically she rocks Digital and Pinterest Strategy.

When I first set out to create her logo, I asked how she wanted people to feel when they landed on her page:  Comfortable, Credible, Excited, Professional with Personality (*I loved this one!)

She knew she wanted to stick with something similar to her current color scheme of pinks, mauves, mints, purples and she loved the clean look of geometric designs.  Then she asked if she could add me to her secret Pinterest board for this project (uhm, yes! Every designers dream!)  I have to admit, I was stumped a little bit for a stunning design.  Especially since she loved the sharp geometric lines, but “B” and “D” (as in Bosslady Dreams) are not sharp letters, AND I wanted to incorporate the comfort part and sharp lines don’t tend to do that.

Normally I have this “aha” moment with design and I know which one stands out above the rest and it took me a while to have it, but it is undoubtedly one of my FAVS!

So check out what we created + follow Bosslady Dreams on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Boss Lady Dreams logo Boss Lady Dreams

Boss Lady Dreams brand board


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