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YAY!  So I’ve been hustling away at this awesome branding and logo creation workbook for a while now and it’s finally time to set it into the wild.  (Insert my nervous face here.)

I know that all things creative and design-y comes natural to me, but I’m also very organized and strategic so I really tried to hone in on what my process is when I design logos for my clients so you can do it all on your own!  I recently read Big Magic and, besides being a super easy read, it totally changed the way I think about creativity.  Let me sum it up for you–> Everyone is creative, it just comes out in different ways sometimes.  If you don’t think you’re creative, you’ve been ignoring it instead of nurturing it.

What does that matter to you?  It means you really can take this workbook and not even need me.  Rock that rebrand.  Work that updo!

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WHAT THE FONT: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Lasting Brand





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